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Here at Tahoe Bagel Co., we take pride in our fresh ingredients and family values. Our goal to introduce the New Jersey-style bagels and spreads that we grew up with, to our home here in Lake Tahoe.

Image by Tara Evans

Our Story

Tahoe Bagel Company is a family owned business with roots in the North East. Owners, Justin and Jeffrey Kaplan are the great grandchildren of Harry and Fanny Wrotzlawsky, who owned bakeries in New York and New Jersey for over 50 years. After being born and raised in New Jersey, where bagel shops and delis are a way of life, the boys moved to Lake Tahoe in 2012 and 2016 respectively. There, they found a home and realized this is where their food service industry careers matched the quality of life they were looking for. Justin and Jeffrey are excited to bring some of their favorite foods to their favorite place. Welcome to Tahoe Bagel Company, established in 2020. Now eat up and get outside!

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